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Standing Out From the IKEA Crowd: The Benefits of Shopping at High-End Used Furniture Stores

Why Buy Used Furniture? | 07.15.23 | Derek Brewster

You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about IKEA. They have over 400 stores globally and are the go-to source for college students and newlyweds in search of cheap furniture. Yet it’s no secret that the average cheap IKEA table has a life span shorter than a dog.

IKEA’s furniture is notoriously short-lived. So much so that they’ve had to institute a buyback program to reduce waste. If you are looking for long-lasting, affordable furniture, you should avoid the place that sells Swedish meatballs.

Instead, buy high-end used furniture. Keep reading for the benefits of high-end furniture over any cheap DIY stuff you might find from an overrated international brand.

High-End Used Furniture Is More Affordable

Who wouldn’t love to save money when buying furniture? A single armoire can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s just for a single component of your decor. Buying something brand new could easily put you far over budget.

One of the benefits of high-end furniture that is used is that you can get it for a massive discount. So not only will you stay under budget, you will have more budget for additional pieces. If you plan to furnish an entire house, it’s much more doable when you are working with used furniture.

Further, it is more affordable in the long run. Another of the benefits of high-end furniture is that it lasts longer.

It Lasts Longer

When you visit your grandmother’s house, you are likely to find furniture styles that have seen two turns of the century. This might be furniture that has been passed down across multiple generations. As the saying goes, they don’t make them like they used to.

The unfortunate reality is that build quality for most industries has declined significantly in recent years. Clothing, electronics, and cars are all falling apart faster than they should. The same applies to furniture.

If you’d rather avoid buying new chairs or couches every few years, purchase high-quality used furniture. The build quality will be exceptional to anything brand-new that is of a comparable price. It likely comes from a period when the company that built it wasn’t trying to go cheap.

Plus, used furniture is already broken in. What you see is what you get. This won’t be like buying a new piece that becomes tattered and faded a year in.

It Gives You Access to Different Furniture Styles

New furniture may have additional issues aside from having poor build quality. For example, you may not be sold on many of the modern styles that you see. None of them seem to fit with your core design aesthetic.

One of the benefits of high-end furniture that is used is that you get access to those older furniture styles. Looking for a mid-century furniture set? That could be very expensive brand new, but far more affordable when bought used.

People love vintage pieces from times long gone. So this is the perfect chance for you to build an antique collection if you so desire.

At the end of the day, it could be a fun renovation project. You could purchase some shabby old used furniture and restore it to its former glory. You not only save money on furniture, but you also get the satisfaction of a fun side project.

It Gives You More Options for How to Buy Furniture

If you’ve ever dropped by big-name furniture stores, you know how expensive they can be. And chances are, there aren’t very many in your neighborhood. This can force you to take a day to drive around all the furniture stores in your city to compare prices.

But when you go with high-end used furniture, you won’t have to figure out how to buy furniture on credit at all the chain stores. Now, you can buy furniture from online marketplaces. You can go to auctions, estate sales, or even yard sales.

In short, your options are far less limited when you buy used furniture. Wherever people are selling furniture, you can buy it. You are no longer shackled to big brands that have cornered the market.

As an additional bonus, it allows you to really support local businesses. The big furniture giants in town don’t care whether your community lives or dies. So don’t give them your money; purchase instead from high-end used furniture dealers and locals.

It’s a Difference That You Can Feel

Obviously, high-end used furniture looks great and will stand the test of time. But at the end of the day, furniture is meant to be used. And that’s where you will notice the biggest difference: when you sit down.

High-end used furniture makes for solid chairs, comfy couches, and a sturdy armoire that can hold all your books. This won’t be a flimsy IKEA stool that feels like a nine on the Richter scale when you take a seat.

It’s not just the strength of the furniture, it’s the overall stability. You will have beds that creak less, and tables that don’t make cracking sounds every time you lean on the end of them.

Get Your New Pieces from High-End Used Furniture

High-end used furniture is the IKEA-killer in price, durability, and look. The benefits of high-end used furniture include more furniture styles, better build quality, and only the highest quality materials. Unless you enjoy burning money, there really is no reason to purchase brand-new stuff from nationwide furniture giants.

High End Used Furniture will make you realize you never have to go to IKEA again. Our furniture is so good that we make a point to mention it in our name. Visit our shop and find something you like.

High end used furniture

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