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About Kindel

Kindel Furniture Company

Founded in 1901 by Charles J. Kindel, the Kindel Furniture Company began with a vision of producing the world’s finest furniture. To this day they operate under those criteria. Kindel is not a mass produced brand of furniture, each piece is still handmade and customized per customer. Today’s products are all produced in their Grand Rapids facility. As a completely custom furniture building company, Kindel products have never relied on the cheapest or fastest methods of production. They have always been built by artisans using the best techniques.

Buy Used Kindel Furniture Online

The custom nature of all Kindel pieces means they are extremely rare and valuable, so finding them isn’t easy. Many pieces that have been ordered from Kindel over the years are passed down as family heirlooms and unlikely to find their way into random antique stores or flea markets. Our curators have done the legwork to find what Kindel pieces we can so you can have the opportunity to enjoy them in your own home and perhaps start a family heirloom of your own. When you purchase used Kindel furniture online from High End Used Furniture, you get our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Styling Kindel Furniture

Because each piece of Kindel brand furniture has been handcrafted and customized to the original owner’s desires, there is really no telling what you will find. A great majority of their older pieces are in more of a traditional style, so you will find details like cabriole legs and design elements that are both ornamental and functional. Their hand rubbed finishes have a marvelous depth regardless of the darkness or lightness of the finish. Because they also have always done custom finishes, you potentially could find a piece in any color of the rainbow.

High end used furniture

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