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About Dressers & Chests

Store with Ease, Store with Style

A dresser can make a statement, or it can blend into the background of a room. Whether you are searching for a standout piece or you’d simply like a high quality used dresser for one of your home’s bedrooms, High End Used Furniture offers a curated selection of top brands and designers highly sought after by many.

The number one goal of finding either a dresser or a chest is adding new storage to a room. To search for a used dresser online, you should think about the kinds of items (and how much of those items) you need to tuck away. Most people search for a dresser or chest online as a storage solution for clothes. However, others choose to get more creative with these pieces and use them in home offices, lounges, dens, or even dining rooms.

It’s important to remember the weight of a traditional dresser or chest. While High End Used Furniture are experts at shipping furniture with a highly safe and professional level of care, placing it in your home may be difficult without the proper planning. Many of our customers hire movers or invite the help of a family member or friend. And if you have hardwood floors in your home, be sure to take the appropriate steps to ensure the furniture does not damage your floors on the way to its final destination.

How to Style a Used Dresser

Once it has settled into place, a high quality, beautifully crafted dresser can breathe a new life into your space. Depending on the type and color of the wood, the height of the piece, and its placement in the room, you have a wide variety of options for styling your used dresser. For example, if the dresser is chest-height or higher, the top may be a great place to put a small- or medium-sized mirror. Others opt for picture frames, jewelry boxes, or other helpful storage items that help keep all of their clothes and jewelry in one area of the room.

How to Style a Used Chest

A large piece of used furniture like a chest can certainly speak for itself. However, if you are seeking further ideas for how to style your used chest, placing a vase containing plants to the side, and/or stacking various pieces of art on the top may be a nice touch.

High end used furniture

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