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Used Accent/Club/Wing Chairs

Accent/Club/Wing Chairs

About Accent Chairs

Personalize Your Space—Even the Nooks & Crannies

Accent chairs are one of the most popular furniture items to purchase online from a selection of used inventory. Typically utilized less than a lounge chair or more integral piece of furniture in a space, accent chairs can be a beautiful decorative addition to almost any room that has enough space.

Invite Comfort into Your Space with a Used Accent Chair

While we can consider any armchair an “accent chair” depending on where you place it and how you style it, there are a few key styles that have traditionally been used specifically as accents in a room.

Wing Chairs

Wing chairs are designed to have additional space on either side of the headrest. Originally designed to keep fireplace heat or cold drafts away from the face, these “wings” also double a comfortable headrest for casual lounging. Wingback chairs are a fairly traditional choice for an accent in a room. However, in recent years, designers have upholstered wing chairs with new materials and patterns that modernized the style and have given the classic style a fresh look. When you choose a used wingback chair online, it might surprise you to find a variety of these options to choose from!

Club Chairs

Club chairs are another type of popular accent chair. The defining feature of a club chair is that they have a short back and boxy frame. Variations of the club chair may rock back and forth or swivel 360°, but most of the used club chairs our team handles are stationary. Many people select club chairs as an accent if they plan to sit in it more frequently, as they are known for thick, comfortable cushions on the back and seat of the chair. Most club chairs are upholstered with leather, though you can also find used club chairs online with other materials like polyester or even velvet.

How to Style an Accent Chair

Where are you placing your chair? Based on the room, the function of the space, and of course, your personal style, here are a few ideas of inspiration to help you style your used accent chair.

In a Living Room or Entryway

For accentuating a used accent chair full of character in a living room or entryway, it may be best to keep the chair unobstructed. Then, it can be used for a quick seat to put on your shoes in the morning or for guests to sit comfortably during a brief visit. Choosing a patterned accent chair may help brighten your space without feeling the need to decorate around it—the chair will be decoration enough! You may also consider placing a small rug beneath the chair in a complementary color.

In a Bedroom

Have extra space to fill in your bedroom, but not enough space for a large vanity or bookcase? A used, high-quality accent chair may be perfect! Drape a thin, comfortable blanket or shawl around the back or arm of your accent chair, and place it in front of a large statement mirror to help add depth and dimension to the room.

In a Bar, Lounge, Library, or Reading Nook

Accent chairs are typically used most often in a library or lounge. In this case, depending on the space and placement of the room, you may consider a small side table in equal height to the arm of the chair on which you can fit a reading lamp, a single drink, or a small or medium book.

High end used furniture

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