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About Curio Cabinets

Enjoy Displaying Your Favorite Pieces

Curio cabinets date back centuries and are named for their ability to display items of curiosity. Originally, this meant figurines or dolls; jewelry; and other knick-knacks or oddities. Evoking a high-end style, curio cabinets are a popular alternative to china cabinets and can serve either a similar or totally different purpose. Whereas china cabinets typically include both display shelves and drawers or cabinets, curio cabinets are typically made of glass and are made specifically to not only display items but to showcase them; most include a mirror back, and some even include additional lighting to provide additional emphasis on the items contained inside its doors. These fine pieces of furniture are made for items such as kitchen ware, art, books, and other collectibles you would like to be displayed in your home while remaining out of reach of children, pets, or even dust or grime.

Besides glass doors, antique/vintage curio cabinets are also made of another type of material (such as wood or metal) and come in both slim or wide footprints. You can often find curio cabinets made to fit into corners, too. This makes them highly versatile in providing high-quality storage and display capabilities in nearly any room of the house.

Style Your Curio Cabinet

Most curio cabinets shine with character along their every side. Therefore, it can be intimidating to style a curio cabinet; but luckily, these well-crafted pieces are expertly designed and constructed not only to exist as a statement piece in itself, but to also highlight the items inside. Depending on the items you’d like to display, we often see customers making a variety of creative style choices to help maximize their space and express their personal style. Layering items, such as a plant stood atop a stack of books, or multiple art pieces thoughtfully placed, can breathe instant life into your used curio cabinet. In fact, the more diverse the contents of a curio cabinet, the more curious your guests may be about it!

High end used furniture

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