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Used Dining Furniture For Sale Online


About Dining Rooms

Used Dining Room Furniture with Character & Class

More than ever before, families have adapted their way of dining to fit their ever-changing lifestyles. But eating at the coffee table in front of the TV isn’t ideal for everyone all the time. That’s why at High End Used Furniture, we like to say that assembling a dining room is about more than tables and chairs. It’s about bringing people together. Whether you’re looking to furnish a formal dining room, a kitchen dining nook, or both; high quality used furniture may be the way to go.

If you’re beginning to shop for your dining space, there are a few key things to understand. Ask yourself the following questions. Do I eat at the dinner table every night? Once a week? Once a month? Do I have company over often during mealtimes? How many people are typically in attendance? Do I have china or glasses I would like to display?

Once you have thought through the basic needs of your dining room furniture, you should next narrow down the search for the furniture itself. When shopping for used dining room furniture online, it’s important to find a shop that puts character and curation first. High End Used Furniture prides itself on its offering of dining tables and dining chairs in a variety of styles and price points, all with one thing in common—quality. In addition, we also curate additional high end dining storage pieces such as china cabinets and sideboards and servers to help you further personalize your space and show off your unique china, glassware, and other more decorative elements.

Consider the Size of the Room

The key to selecting the perfect used dining furniture for your space is understanding the size of that space. But not only should you seek out dining pieces that physically fit; you should also consider the visual space of the room. If, for example, you have a 10×10 dining room, a 6×8 foot table would be much too large. However, even a 7×7 foot table could appear too bulky even though it gives ample space to move about the room. Deciding on the dimension of your dining room table should be the first step you take in shopping for used furniture online.

Matching Dining Chairs to a Dining Table

You may think you need to wait until you find a dining room set in order to maintain a cohesive style for your space; and this may be true if you lean towards a traditional style of furniture. However, if your style leans a bit more modern, you can try to find complementary materials and styles that work even if you purchase chairs separate from your table. This also makes it easier to find high quality used dining room furniture; you’re more likely to find a table you love and chairs you can’t pass up, rather than an entire matching set. The key is to understand complementary materials, colors, and tone to ensure your dining room feels well designed.

Matching Dining Room Table & Chairs with Other Furniture

Do you already have an armoire or china cabinet in your dining room? What color, material, and style is it? If your existing furniture is made of wood, what is its tone? For most rooms, it is ideal to match warm-toned woods with other warm tones; and cool-toned woods with other cool tones. (Even the tone of your floors factor in here, if you have hardwood floors in your dining space.) This way, even if they are not the same species of wood, they will still feel cohesive with one another.

High end used furniture

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