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High End Used Furniture – We’re a Small Family Business!

Small Family Business | 03.18.23 | Derek Brewster
Did you know that High End Used Furniture is a small family business?

Sure, we operate out of a 40k square foot facility, we offer over 2,000 products, and we ship nationwide, but at the heart of it all… We’re a small family business. This isn’t about furniture. It’s about our people and our customers. Other than direct family, we employ between 3-6 additional people at any given time. Even when we’re fully staffed, we’re working with less than 10 people.

People who come into our business who are able to understand who we are, they tend to stick around. Our employees are family. We’re here to pull for each other. In the workplace and even OUTSIDE of the workplace. If any one of my employees ever called me, our boots are on the ground. Period. – While ideals like this tend to get lost on “big corporate,” we strive to be different. We’re a community. And, we do our best to calculate every move we make to protect our vision. We do what we do to protect who we are.

Support your small business, no matter who and where they are.

There are several reasons why supporting small family businesses can be beneficial:
  1. They create a sense of community. Small family businesses often form the backbone of a community, and supporting them can help to create a sense of solidarity and connectedness. By supporting these businesses, you are investing in your local economy and helping to build a stronger community.
  2. They provide personalized service. Small family businesses often offer a more personalized and customized experience, as they are able to give individual attention to their customers. They are also more likely to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, as their reputation is often tied to the success of their business.
  3. They offer unique products and services. Small family businesses often offer products and services that are unique and not easily found elsewhere. By supporting these businesses, you can help to preserve local traditions and culture, and promote diversity in the marketplace.
  4. They create jobs. Small family businesses are often major employers in their local communities, and supporting them can help to create and sustain jobs. By supporting these businesses, you are helping to boost the local economy and create more opportunities for people to work and thrive.
  5. They contribute to the economy. Small family businesses are a vital part of the economy. By supporting them, you are helping to strengthen the local and national economy. They pay taxes and reinvest their profits back into their businesses, which helps to support other businesses in the supply chain.

In summary, supporting small family businesses can have a positive impact on the community, the local economy, and the broader society. By choosing to shop at these businesses, you are not only getting great products and services but also helping to support a more sustainable, diverse, and thriving local economy.

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