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Reviving the Past: How Vintage Buffets are Making a Comeback

Types of Furniture | 11.11.23 | Derek Brewster

In January of 2022, furniture sales went up by 7.2% and continued to remain steady. This showed that the furniture market was still booming and it has continued to remain in demand. And, this includes vintage buffets!

The majority of people find furniture to be very important in their space. Things like vintage buffets set the tone and bring character to the room.

Many people search high and low for high-end used furniture options. If you are a fan of the classics, this is a great way to elevate your space.

Keep reading to find out how to use vintage buffets in modern dining rooms.

Vintage Buffets: Stay Classy

If you are a fan of vintage buffets, there are a lot of ways you can use this piece of furniture. The classic way is as a dining room buffet.

A dining room buffet provides a perfect space to arrange food. This was usually provided in the morning when everyone was waking up for breakfast.

Trays of scrambled eggs, hot toast, and crispy bacon were provided on the buffet table. This created an organized way for everyone to fill their plate.

You can use a buffet table in this way to clear up your dining table. This is perfect for a large family or when you are hosting guests or a party.

Make a Statement Feature

High-end used furniture is something that goes well in any home. Even the most modern home would benefit from a more classical touch.

You can use vintage furniture for its intended purpose or as a decorative item. A lot of people use vintage buffets as a way to add character to a dining room.

Instead of using this vintage furniture piece for food, you can use it for a flower display. Or you could arrange pictures on the table with a variety of statement pieces.

When you do this, make sure you are following the tall and short rules. You don’t want all of your decor pieces to be the same height, as this doesn’t look balanced.

This is also the perfect way to display special dining pieces. For instance, you may have inherited China plates from your grandmother, you may have some beautiful crystal ware that you want to appreciate. These can be displayed beautifully on a vintage buffet.

Create Extra Storage

Antique furniture has so many uses in all of the spaces in your home. Vintage buffets are a great way to utilize storage in your dining room.

If you are a fan of dishes and tableware, you may be limited when it comes to space. This is very common since most people don’t have pantries or extra storage closets.

These are pieces that you can store in a buffet table. These pieces of antique furniture often have drawers and cabinets that are perfect for this use.

A buffet keeps all of these pieces handy but out of sight. It also protects more delicate pieces that you are afraid may become damaged.

How to Use Vintage Buffets in a Modern Dining Room

Are you a fan of high-end used furniture? If so, you may not know how to use it. This is a common problem since most homes are on the modern side.

If you want to mix up your dining room furniture, there are certain rules to follow. Here are some examples of how you can do this in a practical way.

Create a Mix and Match

When it comes to dining room furniture, you can get creative. A lot of people enjoy mixing modern and antique pieces to add more character.

This is also perfect if you are on a budget and can’t afford a bunch of antique furniture. Mixing and matching different pieces create a more visually interesting space.

You can also mix it up when it comes to other decorative pieces. For instance, you could include more traditional pieces of artwork along with your family photos. Or you could add a vintage rug under your more modern dining table.

Embrace the Imperfections

Vintage dining room furniture often has a personality of its own. Any vintage furniture is going to have a bit of wear and tear.

Imperfections are part of what makes vintage furniture so exciting. You can visually see that the peace has lived alive long before you bought it.

You have to embrace these imperfections as this is part of the appeal. It adds character and helps you to appreciate the times of the past.

Use Wood to Add Warmth

A lot of vintage furniture was made to last. Because of that, you aren’t going to find flimsy particleboard furniture when you are shopping for vintage pieces.

You should embrace natural wood when it comes to your space. Modern spaces can feel quite cold and sterile with so many metal and white features.

Vintage wood furniture adds warmth to the space and creates a welcoming atmosphere. This is the perfect way to add coziness to a more modern space without going overboard.

Natural wood also stands the test of time, ensuring that your investment will be worth it.

Vintage Buffets: Styling Vintage Pieces In Modern Spaces

If you enjoy vintage furniture, you may be wondering if it is making a comeback. Vintage buffets are very popular right now, and for good reason.

You can use buffets for their intended purpose or as a decorative feature. They are the perfect way to warm up a dining room and add character.

Are you looking for the best used vintage furniture? Contact us today at High End Used Furniture to view our options.

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