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Small Space, Big Impact: How Accent Furniture Can Transform Your Room

Types of Furniture | 08.12.23 | Derek Brewster

As of 2022, the average apartment size in America is only 887 square feet. So, many renters have to get very creative to make their rooms look bigger. Although, many homeowners encounter the same problem when it comes to designing a small room layout.

Fortunately, adding the right accent furniture to a room can create space and provide a more open feeling. If you’re struggling to make the right home decorating decisions for your home, the following guide can help.

Read on to learn how something as simple as an accent chair can help spark a total room transformation!

Understanding Accent Furniture

The term accent furniture describes a broad variety of home decor used to make a room look more interesting. The pieces of furniture might have a use, or they might just be for looks or to make a room appear more unique or larger.

Examples of functional pieces include accent chairs and eye-catching end tables. Sometimes, smaller accent furniture gets grouped together to display one cohesive design.

Using accent furniture not only makes rooms look larger but also helps add color and texture. Many modern homes have neutral color schemes and adding accent furniture can liven them up.

Using Accent Rugs

You can easily give personality to a bedroom of any size by adding an accent rug with an interesting pattern. It’s a great way to upgrade a room without taking up any valuable space.

Using rugs with patterns also adds a feeling of motion and excitement to smaller rooms. Consider finding a rug that contrasts your room’s floor color and the color of other furniture to really make it stand out.

For small rooms, choose the biggest rug that the space can handle. At the very least, make sure the size of your rug is at least 6 inches longer than your biggest furniture piece in the room.

Adding Accent Chairs

Accent chairs work well in small rooms because they’re functional, too. So, you’re not taking up precious space for no reason. They can also bring much-needed bright colors into a plain room and complement other furniture pieces.

Consider accent chairs with daring, flashy patterns or shapes that use different fabrics than other furniture in the room. If the chair feels too out of place, use pillows or other accessories of the same color in other areas of the room.

You’ll want to find a slim chair with a low profile to make your room look bigger. Place the chair at least a few feet away from your bed on the opposite end of the room if possible. If the room has a window, set the chair next to it for a wonderful place to relax!

Placing Accent Pillows

Dark colors absorb light and can make a small room seem even smaller than it already is. Luckily, adding a few simple throw pillows with vibrant colors and textures can solve this problem.

You can add pillows to your bed, chairs, and sofas to create contrast and connect other accent items. If you’re on a tight budget, pillows don’t cost much and they’re easy to replace or change if you decide to redecorate.

Just make sure not to use too many pillows with different colors when you’re first decorating your small room. Too many colors might create a cluttered feel and make the room look even smaller.

Instead, stick to your primary accent colors or different shades of your accent colors to keep your design consistent. If you need more variety, add extra textures with different fabrics rather than adding completely different colors.

Accent Tables

If you add an accent table to your room, make sure it adds visual interest without dominating the surrounding decor. always think about the size and purpose of the table and how it might complement your other furniture.

Adding a tiny table that is only for decoration still plays a crucial part in smaller rooms, unlike accent chairs. Consider a table’s material and how it contrasts with other furniture in the room.

For example, a table with elegant metallic details might fit perfectly with warm wood grain furniture. A tabletop with glass would compliment a sofa with an elaborate pattern. Glass tables also make rooms look more spacious because of their transparency.

You might also consider adding a large coffee table made of wood or concrete to a small living room to make it look larger. You might also look for a round coffee table to create a more spacious feel.

Living Room Layout Tips

Once you’ve selected your accent furniture pieces for a living room, you must decide how to arrange them. First, never push your furniture up against the walls even if you feel pressed for space. Leaving a little breathing room makes a space feel larger.

Consider sectional furniture to help break up the room and to give yourself more layout options. Sectional accent furniture also allows you to create sleeping areas if you host guests but lack a dedicated guest room.

If you choose a larger accent sofa for a smaller space, make sure it has long legs. That way you can see the floor underneath and other parts of the room to make it feel bigger.

Bedroom Layout Tips

If you only have space for a few furniture items in your bedroom, make your bed the main attraction. Consider a bed with attention-grabbing features such as a tall headboard and bedposts or a colorful canopy.

Add a wall-mounted mirror across from or next to any windows to make the room feel bigger and brighter. You can even position your mirrors to complement lamps and other lighting features to create a warm and relaxing vibe at night.

Using Accent Furniture Effectively

Remember this guide to choose the perfect accent furniture for your small space and consider our layout tips. Don’t forget to stick to a color palette and avoid adding too many accent pieces.

You can contact us at High End Used Furniture to schedule a local pickup or accent furniture preview.

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