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From Contemporary to Country: Timeless Furniture That Fits Any Interior Style

Types of Furniture | 05.27.23 | Derek Brewster

In a world where modern furniture reigns supreme, it can be easy to feel like something important has been lost along the way. While sleek lines and minimalism may be trendy, they often lack warmth and character. This only comes from pieces with a history!

And that’s why more people are turning to used furniture to create spaces that are not only unique and mesmerizing, but also have a timeless quality that can’t be found in new, mass-produced pieces.

With a little creativity and an eye for design, you too can transform your space into a one-of-a-kind haven with personality and style. For the vintage pieces to bring a unique touch, history, and depth to your property’s interiors, here’s a furniture shopping strategy to follow.

Know Exactly What to Buy

The top picks for vintage furniture pieces are bar carts, sideboards, and unusually shaped chairs. As you look for these items, don’t let the frames worry you, since you can have them replaced.

Look for living room furniture pieces designed for comfort. Good examples are vintage chairs and sofas. They can instantly add a timeless appeal to any room.

You should also go for items with a dual purpose. For instance, a sideboard can function as decoration. You can also use it to store stuff in it.

Other timeless pieces you can get include vintage glass and textiles. Vintage glass can brighten up rooms and pairs well with window sills. On the other hand, vintage textiles can cover chairs or cushions.

Know Where to Search Online

The internet is a great place to start your search for timeless furniture pieces. But it can also make the entire process frustrating if you don’t know where to look.

If you have limited time, you can check out popular e-commerce sites. Use precise search terms for the items when using e-commerce platforms. Comparing furniture prices can help you find a better deal.

If you want a good bargain, use loose terms in your search. Instead of “Italian sideboard,” type in the word “sideboard” in the search bar.

It might take a lot of time and patience to find exactly what you are looking for on the Internet. You also have to use friendly language when negotiating or speaking with the seller to close the sale.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best places to find things cheaper and closer to your location. Online salerooms and auctions are also reliable for these items.

Social media allows second-hand dealers to reach their target customers. As such, you can follow them on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Shop Local

Visit local garage sales, salvage yards, and online stores for used furniture. Doing this may take time and require a vehicle to get there or have the item delivered to your place.

You can check out charities in your area that offer free donation pickup. Examples of these charities include Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity. Some of these charities sell furniture at discounted prices or even give it away for free.

Other options to explore include thrift stores, consignment stores, yard sales, and estate sales. For thrift shops, Goodwill is a great place to start. Visit the thrift stores often while keeping an eye on the ever-changing stock.

Consignment stores usually have a vetting process for the items. As such, customers have a guarantee that the used furniture is of better quality.

If you live in a more upscale neighborhood, you can look out for local yard sales. These sales offer items in great condition and also allow for price negotiations.

Estate sales differ a bit from yard sales since they liquidate all household items. They also price the pieces fairly. Look for signs of estate sales or yard sales in your neighborhood to enjoy these deals.

Get Furniture for Free

It’s quite common for people to give away furniture items. They may do this when upgrading the existing furniture or out of kindness. Whichever the reason, you may want to look out for these donations.

One of the online listing platforms to look for freebies is The Freecycle Network. Here, you’ll find listings of stuff people are willing to give away at no cost. The platform also allows you to post requests for furniture pieces.

Facebook is another great place to find free household items. Search for local groups where people hand out used furnishings or furniture for free.

Keep an eye out for free household items given away on the street outside homes. If you spot an item left outside someone’s house, be sure to ask the owner for permission to take it.

Mix Styles and Eras

Develop your own personal style before looking for furniture items to add to your home. To do this, stick to your intuition.

While going with the trends is an option, it doesn’t have promising outcomes. You may tire of stuff very fast.

Having your own style is important in interior design. This way, every piece in your home will have a story to tell and memories attached.

One great thing about used furniture pieces is that they come in different furniture colors and finishes. They are also available in different styles and reflect different eras.

With this flexibility, you can shop for pieces with the same style or find those made within a particular era. You may also switch it up by mixing the styles and eras.

Mixing styles and eras of furniture and furnishings can create incredible contrasts. It gives your property an enviable appeal to anyone visiting.

As you look for furniture pieces, you can go for a more eclectic look. You may also choose a ’60s style and mix it with bits of contemporary furniture designs. Either way, the options for these combinations are endless.

Ensure that there’s cohesion between the styles and eras you decide to mix. Use them in moderation to complement your property’s interiors.

Keep Your Property’s Measurements in Mind

As you weigh your options, you should have a list of the key dimensions of your property. These dimensions may include the size of your living space and other rooms. You should also carry a tape measure that will help you size up the furniture pieces.

Although eyeballing has its benefits, it isn’t as accurate as using a tape measure. It can’t give you the exact measurements of a used table, sofa, chair, or bookshelf. Without the measurements, you may get an item that doesn’t fit into a corner or gap in your home.

Besides getting the dimensions, choose a few spots in your property where you may want to place the item. This way, you can find the ideal spot for your accent furniture piece.

Time the Purchases

Although most furniture pieces aren’t seasonal, buying them at specific times can save you money. With regards to used furniture or furnishings, the cost savings are quite large.

You can start looking for used furniture around the holiday periods or at the end of the season. At these specific times, you may find more sellers who are willing to dispose of their household items at affordable prices.

It’s also common for people to sell or give away their household items at the end of seasons such as winter or summer. For instance, if someone wants to get a bigger bed for the winter season, they may sell it off before the start of winter.

Check out local charities during these times to improve your chances of finding timeless items. Some garage sales and online auctions also have seasonal deals on used household items that you may want to buy.

Think About Delivery or Shipping

Buying used furniture is all fun until it comes to the delivery stage. If you buy the piece from a local seller, you can have it delivered to your home in a pick-up or a truck. Either way, the mode of delivery will depend on its size.

Getting a furniture piece shipped across the country or state may take a few days. There are delivery companies that can make this process less stressful. All they need from you is your shipping address and payment information.

These delivery companies often plan routes according to the drop-offs and pick-ups. They will also give you the estimated time of arrival.

Before the item arrives at your place, you should also think about carrying it to your house. If you live in an apartment that is several floors up, plan in advance how you will bring it in without damaging it.

Plan for Furniture Repairs and Refinishes

While you may get used furniture items at an affordable price, some of them may need cosmetic repairs. The repair costs are less of an issue if you bought the item at a very low price.

Expect the item to get an already repaired furniture piece from a vintage or antique fair. But the prices here are a bit higher to cover the repair costs.

For pieces bought at a local yard or estate sale, you’ll have to cater for the repair costs out of pocket. Note that the costs are only necessary if the pieces have slight deformities.

If the item shows signs of extensive damage, such as wood rot, don’t buy it. Only go for those that you can fix through minor repairs such as painting.

Network with Technicians

You need the help of technicians such as carpenters and upholsterers to turn your used furniture into something great. Although you will incur some costs hiring these professionals, their services will save you money. It’s also less costly to hire them than to buy a new furniture piece.

For instance, if you are buying used upholstery, you may hire an upholsterer to replace the padding or springs. Seeking this type of professional service ensures that you end up with a completely customized material.

You can even hire a carpenter to convert a furniture piece into something else. They can convert a wooden handrail into a coffee table or upholster a used sofa.

Watch out for Wobbly Parts and Pests

Only buy textiles and furniture pieces that are free of pests and deformities. Common signs of pests include dust and holes in the wood. They usually suggest that the wood isn’t in great shape.

Try rocking the frame of the chair to check if it’s sturdy. You should also look for unusual pest bites on textiles such as rugs and carpets.

The sniff test can help you spot bad textiles and furniture. With this test, you simply determine the state of the item by smelling it. A bad odor may suggest that the item has a deep-rooted problem that is quite hard to fix.

Look at the back of the furniture or textile and ensure that it is in good shape. Even if it is going to sit up the wall or lay on the floor, it should have zero deformities. Check for holes and broken supports in the back before buying the piece.

Test it Out

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding out that something is out of shape after bringing it home. For items sold as-is with a no-return policy, you’ll have to stick with them if you notice something is amiss after the purchase. But you can avoid this problem by testing it out then and there.

Sit on the chair or couch for a few minutes and ensure it is comfortable. If you are buying a dresser, open the doors and check the state of the handles.

Before testing out the furniture, ask the seller about their policies. Some thrift and resale stores have unfair policies in place. They demand customers to buy an item if it breaks by accident.

Check out the quality of the textile and construction of the furniture. Dovetailed joints and squashy cushion foam may suggest that the item is in poor shape.

Buy Used Furniture Today

Used furniture pieces can give your property a facelift if you know how and where to buy them. Regardless of your style and era preferences, you can always find something that matches your property’s interiors.

For high-quality used furniture, make High End Used Furniture your go-to online shop. Our products reflect our vision, which is to transform living rooms into elegant spaces. Check out a wide range of used furniture from our online store today.

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